Company profile

Who we are

Yushan Energy is an international Offshore Energy developer. By bringing innovative thinking and actions into play we aim to further develop sustainable energy sources for the benefit of this, and future, generations.

Yushan Energy in Taiwan

As Taiwan moves towards a more sustainable and greener energy future, Yushan Energy brings international knowhow and expertise to merge with Taiwanese industry and innovation to deliver a Renewables Future.
Yushan Energy will seek to work with other Taiwanese experts to conceive, develop, construct and operate Offshore Windfarms which will feed ‘green’ power into the national energy mix.

By utilising the excellent wind regime in the Taiwan Strait, Yushan looks to build on its international experience and close working relationships with local contractors in developing a model of engineering which will place Taiwan at the forefront of Offshore Renewable Energy development in the region.

As this knowledge and expertise develops and grows, Yushan’s aim is to target other areas of ASEAN from its Taiwan base, seeking to develop export potential for many Taiwanese contractors and suppliers.

Yushan shares Taiwan’s wish to become a ‘Green Island’ and to be part of the journey which will see Taiwan become the exemplar for the whole region.

Mission and vision

Drawing on knowledge, expertise and experience from previous project experiences in UK, Europe and North America, Yushan Energy proposes to develop over 1000MW of Offshore Wind Energy in the waters offshore Taiwan.

Yushan Energy will seek to employ local expertise and services as widely as possible and, coupled with our international experience, to develop a world class Offshore Wind Energy business in Taiwan.

Yushan Energy will partner Taiwan to deliver a clean, green, sustainable energy future.