Ian Hatton


Ian was the Founder and Chief Executive of Eclipse Energy where he conceived and developed through to fruition the ‘Gas and Wind to Wire’ concept of Offshore Energy production, the Ormonde Project in the UK.

Eclipse was bought by Vattenfall in 2009 whereupon Ian established Enterprize Energy to continue develop and exploit Offshore Wind opportunities, forming Baryonyx Corp in the US to examine and move forward with Offshore Wind opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and in 2013 Yushan Energy to focus on opportunities in Asia.

Ian commenced his energy industry career as a geologist with Phillips Petroleum Company in 1979 and has 29 years experience in the NW Europe offshore energy sector.  He was involved in offshore operations through the planning of drilling and technical subsurface supervision of production wells.

Joining Kerr-McGee Oil (UK) PLC in 1984 he was ultimately Director of Exploration, with responsibility for building and maintaining business relationships with UK and other national government departments and partner companies. Here he managed drilling of an exploratory well in the Lyme Bay, Dorset, one of the most environmentally sensitive marine environments in the UK, he ensured a meticulous programme of environmental base line analyses and pre-operational planning was completed over a two-year period prior to the drilling of the well, without incident in 1995.

He left Kerr-McGee in February 1999 to found Eclipse.

Ian received his B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Geology from the CNAA/Polytechnic of North London in 1979.