Hai Long wind farm

Prior to the announcement in October 2015 from the Bureau of Energy to launch the Transitional Round for Offshore Wind in Taiwan, Yushan Energy had undertaken 3 years of investigative work to identify prospective areas.

These studies considered Commercial, Environmental and Technical aspects which would impact upon the delivery of successful, efficient, operating windfarms.

Yushan Energy, in collaboration with the Canadian company, Northland Power, are proceeding with the development of  sites in the Changhua Sea area.

This is an area that has been designated by the BoE as being suitable for Offshore Windfarms.

The projects will result in over 1000MW of Offshore Windpower being made available to the Taiwan electrical power grid.

Works have been ongoing and Environmental, Geophysical and Geotechnical surveys have been completed by local Taiwanese contractors.

The first project will utilise large scale Offshore Wind Turbines with a resultant installed capacity of approximately 500MW.

Once consents have been received construction will commence on the build out of the project.